Former governor Rick Perry and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have done everything in their power and then some to eliminate the ability of an ordinary Texan to sue an insurance company over a homeowner’s policy dispute or a job related injury. They have all but eliminated the trial by jury for a claim against an insurance company or a doctor.

The Texas Republicans who claim they want a small government is nothing but a bunch of lies to misled the public. The Republicans have place more restrictions, laws and reduced our daily freedoms for an ordinary citizen that it borders on tyranny and fascism.

Under Perry’s and Gov. Abbott’s leadership they have created two Texases. One is made up of the 1%, rich, wealthy, friends, associates, some fortunate upper middle-class, large corporations and lets not forget insurance companies or their lobbyist. The other Texas is made up of the struggling lower middle-class, working poor, elderly, sick, hungry, homeless, jobless and the less fortunate. Not to mention all the school districts that lost state funding.

The disabled or handicapped, elderly, sick, hungry, homeless or less fortunate do not stand a chance from our so-called governor or state representatives.

Gov. Abbott who claims he loves the U.S. and Texas Constitution but then thru his agenda and polices denies a lot of Texans their daily freedom.

Here is a quote from one of our nation’s founding fathers that Gov. Greg Abbott should and needs to memorize.